Testing for lead in water

Do you need to test your water for lead?

If you live in a home that is built before 1960 there is a chance you still have lead piping. This can pose a risk to you and your family and is worthwile testing.

The tests of Water-lab are executed in a laboratory of Eurofins and Brightlabs. These laboratories are accredited by the council of accreditation and operates under NEN-EN-ISO 17294. The results you receive from the lab will have the highest accuracy possible. You just need to fill the bottle in the right way.

What test do you need?

Single test

Double test

Are the results useful to send to my landlord, the gemeente, and or Waternet to ask for action?

What is the maximum lead amount that can be found in my drinkingwater? And does that mean I still have lead piping in my system?

After flushing the tap for 3 minutes, how much lead still remains in my drinking water? Is it safe then?

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OK I have ordered the test, now what?


Reduce Reuse Recycle

Please reuse the envelope in which your package arrives to forward it to our laboratories. If you have lost the envelope, don't worry, you can send it in any other package as long as it is addressed accordingly.

flesje lood test

Be careful with the bottle

There is a drop of sulphuric acid in it to conserve the lead in your watersample. Don't spill, don't clean, just fill the bottle and close the cap properly.

When spilled in pure form,  rinse with plenty of water. When filled with your water sample the mixture is as acid as a lemon.


When to fill the bottle

For the single test:
Do not use water for 6 hours in a row. Then fill the bottle. You fill it with the tap that you use for consuming the most. Often that is the kitchen tap.

For the double test:
Use the second bottle. Flush the water for 2 minutes. Then fill the bottle.


Checking and using the form

Make sure to fill out all needed fields. Incomplete forms are not accepted and the samples will not be analysed. If Water-Lab needs to manually adjust fields on your order form you will be charged an administrative fee of EUR 5,-.

Email Adres/project code write down your email address here. We use this adddress to sent the sample analyses when received from the laboratory.

Datum/tijd write down the date and time when the sample is taken.

Monsteromschrijving you should add tekst in this field. This tekst will be on the analysis certificate, together with your email addres. Be sure that you can link the right bottle (barcode ending with ...MM) with the right water samples.

Adres, name, phone, ... this is actually us :-), so it is correct that this is not you. Your "identifiers" are as written above.

Back it up Please make a picture of the filled out form before you send it, as well as from the coupon with the track and trace code. You can see when your bottle will arrive in the laboratory and proof that you filled out the form correctly.

All done?

Hoe test een laboratorium op lood

Our turn now

After you have: completed the lab-form; filled your bottles; backed up the form with a picture; sent the lot to the lab... It is our turn again. Our laboratory starts testing your watersamples according to accredited standards and NEN-ISO norm.

Een laboratorium certificaat van een loodanalyse

Results in your email

Within a working week after having reveived your samples the lab sends us the analysis results. You will receive an email from us (or your landlord) with your lead results and an accompanying form with information and hyperlinks to proven information (RIVM, GGD).

It's been a while... and you haven't heard from us?

Check your SPAM box!

Contact us with your order number, and the image of your filled uot form, and we'll sort it out together.


Do you know what test fits you best? Click here and order: